About Us

Congratulations on finding our website.  We do not advertise nor practice any search engine optimisation. Membership is available only by invitation from existing members. Occasionally Primus Lux may reach out to individuals who we feel may benefit from being part of our marketplace.

Membership is £200 per month. Our newsletter is free (signup is below) and gives a flavour of our members' benefits.

We predominantly aim to serve (Ultra) High Net Worth Individuals with a commercial or residential affiliation to one of London’s top ten postcodes. Quality, not quantity is our guiding principle. This applies both to our high quality content and our luxury products. We have access to information and products that are both “on” as well as “off” market. Confidentiality, capital preservation and efficiency are our key drivers.

High quality content

Financial - We have numerous articles and spreadsheet-based analyses covering investments, HMRC’s approach to HNWI, offshore leak databases and granular local council business information.

Lifestyle & Education – Our articles and blogs cover the latest trends.

Luxury Products

Our aim is not only to showcase the best products in their class but also to push the boundaries with gift ideas that are literally out of this world.


We continually have a mix of high end products & services that can meet any need. We also act on behalf of a number of members, listing off market items to other members or individuals that we feel are well-placed to act.